Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Response to Freedom from Religion Foundation's Ad

I have created my own "ad" in response to the ad recently published in the New York Times by the "Freedom From Religion Foundation," in which Catholics are ridiculed and intentions misunderstood in a self-described attempt to "drive Catholics away from Church."

Original ad is here:

My new ad:

(the cartoon)

(the whole flyer)

The text says:

Will it be personal responsibility, or more of the selfish irresponsibility we have increasingly seen over the past 100 years? Do you hold sacred human life or pursuing your own sexual agenda, even if it results in the death of embryos (via the pill and IUD preventing implantation) or the death of infants in development in what should be the safe and sacred mother's womb? Which side are you on?

In light of the Freedom from Religious Foundation's ad declaring war against human life for the convenience of unbridled expression of human sexuality...

Why are you aiding and abetting the voices of a social movement that has repeatedly engaged in a crusade against the protection of human life that the Catholic Church has sworn to protect? To support an organization that considers “women's health” the ability to remove their own children from their bodies for any whim? Deliberate slander of the Catholic faith should no more be encouraged than anti-semitism.

If you imagine you can challenge this social movement- get it to respect the fact that since science does not know when the human soul enters a person, they are taking the risk of murder-- you are deluding yourself because that movement is dedicated to protecting its right to “sexual freedom” so strongly that consideration of moral issues is closed off from the mind.

By remaining a “good Catholic,” you embrace a long tradition of finding freedom through the practice of unselfish love and concern for all life.

Why put up with such a social movement that threatens to pull you away from what you know to be true? NFP is as effective as the pill when practiced properly. Abstinence is also possible, despite continual messages of the world that it is not possible or desirable.

Most importantly, the right not to finance the irresponsible sex lives and potential loss of human life inherent in birth control is a fundamental religious right.

The Church is more welcoming than they are, for they hope to
nurture you in your ability to love, forgive and live unselfishly.

Stop the lies. Hold fast to your faith.

Yours Truly,
A Catholic Convert Who Once Believed the Lies


  1. It should be noted that the ad was targeted at marginal and nominal catholics, who are basically just catholic in name only, but don't really go to church. In that case, I think the ad was a good thing because it gets those sorts of catholics thinking. Like, either practice what the church teaches or don't claim to be a part of the church.

  2. The ad was only ostensibly aimed at marginal and nominal Catholics. In sales, this is called skimming the cream. The aforementioned Catholics are the easiest targets. I hope you are not naive enough to believe that the purveyors of this attack would be satisfied with just the marginal, nominal Catholics. The attack is specifically targeted at Catholic doctrine and theology, both in theory and in practice. Unfortunately, the marginal and nominal Catholics, by their nature, generally, do not spend much time thinking or studying their faith. If they did, they would not be marginal or nominal. Lack of catechesis is the biggest weakness among Catholics, and it is the absolute best refutation weapon for ads and groups like this one. You can't adequately defend what you don't adequately know. I urge all Catholics to learn their faith, its history, its theological and moral underpinnings, and you will discover, or rediscover, what a wonderful treasure you/we have. Then you will be prepared to help bring all of Jesus' lost sheep back to His fold, instead of the adversary and his ilk bringing them to that other fold. Be blessed

  3. The ad came across either as an excuse to spew bigoted hate speech and ridicule towards the Catholic Church, or as a sign of desperation and instability in FFRF: Parody translation of the FFRF ad:

  4. I just posted my own response to the ad, and I linked here to yours:

    I thought you'd like to know. God bless you!

  5. Kudos for your post, Laura!
    As a Catholic, I am with you...
    you are right on target.
    mariana costa weldon